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How it works:

Step 1. Online registration free. Download Application Form: Application Form (only for offline registration). Click this for quick online whatsapp application form: Bride formatGroom format. You can also register yourself and search profiles directly from below Online registration link

Step2. Join free “BrideGroom” groupwhatsapp:

Free group: You can have direct conversation with brides and grooms. This group is only for Brahmins. Only bride grooms or parents and relatives of bride grooms can join. Agents / Brokers please don’t join this group.

Paid Support group: Our service fee: ₹200 (Valid for 4 months for any matching profiles. Click here to pay online).  Connect to google drive data (excel) and get unlimited profiles, access to live data from multiple channels.

Horoscope matching, percentage of matching, Gurubala and any extra additional services, please contact our astrologers (click this)(Delivered in 3-5 days). Click here for Quick check (Nakshatra and gothra)

Why choose us:

  1. We don’t charge per contact details. We have service charge of ₹200( valid for 4 months) for any matching profiles of contact details.
  2. Click above link to see brides and grooms excel file. You pay us only after finding suitable match from the list.
  3. We keep updating same excel sheets with photographs in the same above link. You can access any time and get the contact details of matching one.
  4. You can have direct communication with bride grooms in our whatsapp group.
  5. Paid support (on request): 1. We send out short biodata in our facebook group (Without photograph).  2. We send out your short biodata monthly twice to our email groups.
  6. We share only contact numbers of brides / grooms. We don’t share house address and any other personal details.