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Kumaraswamy layout Brahmana Seva Sangha (R) was formed by a few enthusiastic and pious Brahmins of the locality in the year 1988. The intensions were very clear and service oriented. We can see some of those:

sanghaphoto* Inorder to keep alive the vedic culture by adopting in daily life by way of studying the Veda, learning Veda mantras.

* Creating an atmosphere to run vedic paathashaale.

* Preparing young boys for pourohitya

*a peaceful and convenient atmosphere for conducting vaarshika shraadha, upakarma

* Conducting Yajna, homa and other Vedic rituals for the benefit of all , peace in the universe, removing hatredness and so on.

Initially, as all Associations function, our Brahmins Association also started functioning from a House of Shri. Ramabhattaru and he was the President at the time. Subsequently, the members thought that it is better to have our own place and purchased a site where the present Building stands. Shri. Cheluvanarayana Shastry avaru took the initiate to mobilize fund and with the help of many donors the Sangha Building was constructed. A major share of the construction cost was borne by the Shri B.V.kumar, Shri.B.V.Jagadeesh and their family members. We are very grateful to all such donors and their service will be remembered for ever.

The activities and facilities:

Membership Application Form

Membership Form

1. Veda teaching classes everyday in the evening. The classes are conducted since TWENTY years by Veda Brahma Shri. Cheluvanarayana Shastrygalu, who is fondly called by every one as “GURUGALU”. Many from this area and surrounding places have learnt Veda mantras from him and have become good purohits. Students from the age of 9 to 70 years attend classes regularly.

2. Facilities to conduct “Vaarshika shraadha”, with fully equipped kitchen and cleanliness with a nominal rent of just Rs.600/. Click here to know more

3. We extend a helping hand to the economically weaker sections of Brahmins students to pay their School fees and continue their studies. Maximum care is taken to see that the money reaches the School and no diversion of fund for other purpose is allowed.

4. Sanskrit classes are conducted on every Sunday morning between 7-30 am and 10 am. Sanskrit language, Shlokas from Shrimad Bhagavadgeetha, and scriptures are taught and

sanskrit classes

sanskrit classes


students are taken out to compete with other students in Debate, Shloka patana, sambhashane and many more competitions. The membership strength of the Sangha is 1400.

5. upanayanaConducting Saamuhika Uchita Upanayana to THRIMATASTHA vatus is one of the very important progrmme we organise every year. This programme has become very noted among the Brahmin community as We are taking care of all the needs of the participant. Separate purohit for each vatu is given which is not the case with other organisations. We allow 20 members along with Vatu which nobody does. This way our programe has stood unique among others. For this to happen the donors and Mahaposhakaru like Shri. Santosh kumar are responsible and we sincerely express our gratitude.

6. Saamuhika Upakarma is organised on the particular day for both Rigveda and Yajurveda shaaka.

Samoohika Upakarma

Samoohika Upakarma

7. Prathamopakarma is also arranged for the first timers with Homa-Havanas, Saptha Rushi puje etc.

8. chandihomaWith the purpose of “Loka kalyaana”, Homas such as Shri Durga Homa, Shri Chandi Homa, Shri Lalitha Homa, Shri Lakshmi narayana hridaya homa and so on (one among these) are conducted during Navaratri times.

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9. libA Library with 2000 books of various subject is established on the II Floor of the Sangha premises and rare book collections.
10. Service Providers – Home cooking service, Old age care / baby care taking service. Click here for More Details.
11. Matrimonial service. Click here to Register nowjodi
12. Service request – Home Cooking job / Home elderly care taking job / Home Baby care givers job / Home Pooja job. Know more jobss