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›  We have brides and grooms from all brahmin communities such as Smartha brahmins, Srivaishnava brahmins, Madhwa brahmins, Iyer brahmins, Iyengar brahmins, Badagunadu brahmins, mulakanadu brahmins, chitpavan brahmins, Deshashta brahmins, Havyaka brahmins, Hoysala Karnataka brahmins, Iyer Ashtasahasram brahmins, Iyer brahacharanam brahmins, Iyer thenkalai brahmins, Iyer vadakalai brahmins, Karhade brahmins, Kota brahmins, Palghat brahmins, Sankethi brahmins, Sthanik brahmins, Telugu smartha brahmins, Vathimal iyer brahmins, Manglik brahmins, saraswat brahmins, and Shivalli tulu brahmins communities.

›  No settlement fee after marriage fix. We don’t share house address, your working company name and any personal details.

›  We receive profiles from Agents, newspapers, websites, whatsapp group members. You can connect everyone in whatsapp group. Also we have dedicated team for match making based on Gothra and Nakshatra.

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