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We seek alliance for our daughter Ms Kruthi, July 1992 born, place of birth:Kadapa, Shatabhisha nakshatra, Kumbha rashi, Gothra:Salavastasa, subsect:Vaidhiki/Mulakanadu, MS in USA, Working for IT System, USA. Our Expectations: Groom should be Post graduate in Engineering, working in US, H1 Visa Holder, Smartha Brahmin, Sub sect: No bar, Contact parents on Mob 9481802983, 9448849311, 9449831515. Registered on 03 sep 2020

› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Anushree, B.E (ISE), working as software engineer in MNC Co bnaglaore, anushreeDivorced (no children), Oct 1993 born, Madhwa brahmin, Vashishta Gothra, Pubba nakshatra, Simha rashi,  Height:5.4. Contact parents on Mob: 9945659528. Registered on 16 Aug 2020

Latest Profiles – 2020

› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Bhavana Reddy, BE graduate, working for MNC co in bangalore, DOb: July 1998 born, smartha Mulakanadu brahmin (kannada / telugu), Koushika Gothra,bhavana Poorvashada -2 nakshatra, Dhanassu,  height:5.7,  Looking for matching groom from Smartha brahmin community. Registered on 30 Aug 2020

› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Sahana (name changed), 1981 born, BE, currently not working, havyaka brahmin, height:5.0, 2nd marriage, Looking for some one with stable job and ready to accept daughter (kid 9 year). Registered on 30 Dec 2019

› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Sneha (name changed), Mtech, Software engineer, working in bangalore, 1993 born, Bharadwaja Gothra, native of bangalore, Smartha kannada brahmin, associated with shankar mutt, Our expectation: Looking for well educated matching groom from bengaluru.

› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Anuradha (name changed), Employment:@private sector(Bangalore), Salary:good salary, 1995 born, Gothra: Kashyapa, Nakshatra:Rohini, Rashi:Vrishabha, Qualification and Height:B.E(C.S), and 5’3″, Hoysala karnataka, Native of Mysore

› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Kavitha (Name changed), BE, MS, working in abroad America, smartha Mulakandu brahmin, Mother tongue: Telugu, native of banashankari, Bangalore, 1992 born, angirasa, poorvashada -1, dhanassu, Height: 5.4, Looking for well eductaed and matching groom (settled in usa) from brahmin community.

› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Sriya (name changed), BE, Computer, currently not working, 1994 born, Vashishta gothra, Poorvabhadra nakshatra-4, Meena Rashi, Native of Bangalore, Smartha community, Shankar mutt, Our Expectation: Well qualified and well settled groom with good family background and preferably Smartha brahmin and Height between 5’6” to 5’9”.

› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Madhuri (name changed), working as a Software engineer in IT Software MNC in bangalore, earning more than 10 lakhs per annum, native of Bangalore, 1991 born, Sub caste: Iyer, Gothra: Vadulasa, Nakshatra: Shravana, Rashi: Makara, Height: 5.1, Our Expectation: Educated matching groom from Kannada Iyer brahmin/ smartha kannada brahmin from bangalore.

› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Anusha J (name changed), B. E (ISE), ME, working as software enegineer in MNC Co. R & D dept, Bengalore, 1991 born, height: 5.6, Bharadwaja gothra, Smartha brahmin, Velandu, Kruthika -4th pada, Vrishabha rashi, Native of JP nagar, bengaluru. Our Expectation: Well educated matching groom from brahmin community.

› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms ShreeJa (name changed), BCA, MBA, working for a software Company in bangalore as project manager, 1987 born, Height: 5.3, Smartha Badagunadu, native of Bangalore, Kashyapa Gothra, Poorvashada nakshatra, Mt: Kannada, native of bangalore, Fair complexion. Looking for well educated matching groom from brahmin community.

› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Vidyashree (name changed), BE (Instrumental Technology 2013 pass out), working for MNC Engineering company in Bangalore, Hosysala Karnataka Brahmin, 1992 born, height: 5.2, native of Hassan, Agastya gothra, Poorva bhadra – 4 paada, Mother tongue: kannada, Our Preference: Groom from good family BE / BTech / Mtech from brahmin community and preferred location is bangalore.

› Bmk-g122, B.E in IS & E, PESCE, Mandya, working for software IT MNC company in bangalore, Babburcamme brahmin community, 1993 born, height: 5.6, Bharadwaja Gothra, Aridra Nakshatra, Mithuna Rashi, Native:Mandya, Looking for well educated matching groom from brahmin community.

› bmk-g121, B.E computer science working for IT Company earning 3.5 lakhs per annum, Chitpavana brahmin, Shandilya gothra, 1994 born, Moola 2nd charana, Looking for matching groom from brahmin community.

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