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Preta nivrutti pooje, Satyanarayana pooje, Bhoomi pooje, guddali pooje

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Hps-107: Free training by gurugalu (smartha) on nitya pooja, pavamana, rigveda, yajurveda, purusha sooktaa, duration : 1 year, one hour per day (online – one on one). Location: south bangalore. Course Fee: free.
Hps-106: Male smartha brahmin looking for a new job as archakaru, in temples in south bengaluru.
Hps-105: Female brahmin is looking to provide bhajan training, Carnatic classical, and Shloka training service for brahmin families anywhere in Bengaluru.
Hps-104: Madhwa Bhattru is looking to provide training service on sandhyavandana or trikala japa methods and Saligrama pooja methods (crash course 10 days, short Term – 1 month , long term – 3 to 6 months) anywhere in Bengaluru for brahmin families.
Hps-103: Pooja bhattru is looking to provide Satyanarayana pooja service / Bhoomi pooja service / guddali pooja service / regular home pooja service anywhere in Bengaluru.
Hps-102: Kannada speaking brahmin archakaru looking to provide full time pooja service anywhere in karnataka, native of Tumkuru.
Hps-101: Tamil Madhwa brahmin Looking to provide home pooja service in whitefield area. Languages known: tamil, kannada, shivalli tulu, hindi. For discussion, available on Whatsapp video call.

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Brahmins Matrimony