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Upcoming Workshop by Innergies Academy: 






Extra sensory Perception (ESP) : Sunday 30th July 2017, Timings: 9:30am to 2pm


Past life regression: Thursday 15th June 2017 18.00

A mini Workshop on Past life regression by Suresh Kumar Mahabal who has vast experience in Alternate Systems of Healing for the last 22years and conducting such group and personal sessions on Past Life Regression & Therapy and Angel Therapy by Dr Puttaraju who has contributed a lot of benefits for people using this modality is happenning at Gattigere, Rajarajeshwari Nagar .

These two unique workshops are highly beneficial and can create positive changes in people with a more empowering life. Since it’s going to be conducted in R.R Nagar for the very first time you just need to pay Rs. 2000 only for each program. Also, you can avail early bird offer of 25%discount upon registering within this Thursday 15th June 2017 18.00 hours. Hurry!!! Register now and experience the amazing experiences. Please contact Dr. Puttaraju,  9449040260