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› We seek alliance for our daughter, Ms Vibha, MBA, BCA, Hindustani Classical vocal music, Learning sitar instrument, Nov 1996 born, height:5ft, Smartha brahminvibhaphoto (Kowshika Sankethi) brahmin, Nithyandala Gothra, Our expectations: Any brahmin community with good family background, age 26-28rs, BE/BTech/ME/Mtech/Msc/equivalant Govt/Private job within Karnataka or mysore area.  Contact parents on Mob: 9449213842,





› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Divya, BA graduate, working for Govt Job (Clerk) in bangalore, Iyengar, Thengalai community, Height:5. 3, Dob: Apr 1984, Revathi Nakshatra -paada 2, Meena raashi, native of Arasikere, mother tongue: divyaskannada, associated with yathiraja mutt, Marital Status: Divorce with out issues and no child, Expectations:  Good quality and understanding. Contact parents on Mob: 7022425235,





› Inviting marriage proposal for Ms Sudha K, M.Com, b.Com, native of Belgaum, Feb 1993 born, Jamadagani gothra, sudhakshatabhisha nakshatra -3, kumbha rashi, 5.4 height. Looking for matching groom from good family background. For more details, contact parents on Mob: 6366649741.



Latest Profiles – 2020

› bmk-gm122: Inviting 2nd marriage proposal for Suma (name changed) Mba graduate, May 1988 born, Gouthama Gothra,  Uttara nakshatra,  kanya, height: 5.7.  looking for matching groom from bangalore.

› bmk-gm121: Looking for matching profiles for Ms Disha M, (name changed) MSc, pathologist in Mysore, 1995 born, Srivatsa, Kruthika, vrishabha, native Of Tumkur, Mt:Telugu, Smartha brahmin, Associate with Sri Sringeri Shankar Mutt, Height: 5.4, Our Preference: Smartha / Madhva ,Age: between 25-28, Qfy: MBBS/MD/BE/MS/anyPG.

› bmk-gm120: Looking for matching proposal for Ms Vaishalini (name changed) , presently working in bangalore, MBA from institute of Bangalore (2018 passout), BBM from institute of Bangalore, 1994 born, place of broth: Gadag (Karnataka), Kritika nakshatra 3rd charana, Vrishabha rashi, srivatsa gothra, height: 5.2, Our preference: Looking for matching groom from brahmin family from good family.

› bmk-g120, MBA qualified, working for a software Company in bangalore, 1987 born, Native of bangalore, height: 5.3, Fair complexion, Looking for well educated matching groom from brahmin family.

› bmk-g114, 1994 born, shivalli Tulu speaking brahmin, Angirasa gothra, height: 5.2, M.Com, Working for MNC Software company in bangalore, Looking for educated matching groom from brahmin community.

› bmk-g112, M.Sc Computer Science, working as application developer at MNC group in bagment tech park, bangalore,  1990 born, Kashyapa Gothra, Smartha Shiavalli Brahmin, Swathi Nakshatra, Tula Rashi, Height: 5.1,   native of thirthahalli Shimoga. Looking for matching groom from brahmin community.

› bmk-g111, Pursuing CA and Carnatic classical, Dec 1991 born, Smartha Hoysala Karnataka, Pursuing CA and Carnatic classical.

› bmk-g110, Human Resources professional in MNC Co, BBM, MBA, Smartha Uluchukamme, Ratithara gothra, Uttarashada 2nd paada, Makara, native of chikkaballapur, Presently staying in: Yelahanka-Bengaluru, kannada mother tongue, Mar 1990 born, height: 5.5, Requirements / Preferences / Expectation: Qualification required: BE or Any masters, Height required: 5.9 and above,  Looking for someone who is working (self-employed or employed) in Bengaluru, Divorced with mutual consent after one year of marriage, with no kids.

› Ms Ramya, Qualification B-COM, MBA(Finance) , Date of Birth: Jan 94 , Vishaka nakshtra, bhargava gothra, tula raashi, Shivalli Brahmin, Height 5’4” , Occupation Working in accounts section of Pvt organization, Mangalore. Looking for well educated matching groom from brahmin community preferably from south canara (taulava tulu speaking groom)

› Ms Naveeya, Human Resources professional in MNC Co, BBM, MBA, Smartha Uluchukamme, Ratithara gothra, Uttarashada 2nd paada, Makara, native of chikkaballapur, Presently staying in: Yelahanka-Bengaluru, kannada mother tongue, Mar 1990 born, height: 5.5, Requirements / Preferences / Expectation: Qualification required: BE or Any masters, Height required: 5.9 and above,  Looking for someone who is working (self-employed or employed) in Bengaluru, Divorced with mutual consent after one year of marriage, with no kids.

› Bmg468, B. Sc, MBA, working for MNC in management role in bangalore, native of bangalore, 1989 born,  Smartha Babburkamme Brahmin, Vishaka Nakshatra, Tula raashi, height: 5.8, weight: 58, appearance: fair, Expectation: Looking for any brahmin groom working in Bengaluru, graduate with a decent job and from cultured family, Age difference of 3 to 6 years, good looking and fair, Height difference 1-12 inches and not very particular about horoscope.

› Bmg467, M. Com, working as a finance analyst in bangalore, Havyaka brahmin, gouthama gothra, Vishaka nakshatra -pada 4, Vruschika raashi, Native of Sagar, mother tongue: kannada, 1989 born, Height: 5.1, Requirement: Good looking and well educated groom from Havyaka or Smartha Brahmin community.

› Bmg464, Studying MCA 5TH semester. Completing May 2019, Smartha brahmin, Shandilyasa gothra, Uttara  nakshtra , Kanya raashi, Native of Bangalore, Mother tongue: Telugu, April 1995 born, height: 5.1, Requirement/Preference: BE /MS with a decent job with good family background with clean habits, bangalore based groom (telugu / kannada speaking).

› bmg463, Bride, B.Sc, MBA qualified, Presently not working, Madhva brahmin, Jamadagni gothra, Mrigashira 3rd pada, Mithuna rashi, native of bangalore,  1989 born, Height: 5.2,  divorced (mutual) without kid and clear title, Groom Preference: Looking well educated groom from Brahmin (Madhva or smarthas) community.

› Ms Prerana (name changed), MCA, Punaravasu nakshatra -3, 1994 born, height: 5.2, native of Vijayapura(ibrahimpura), Looking for well educated groom from Brahmin community.

› Ms Arathi(name changed), B.Sc, MCA, Assistant Engineer in Software company in bangalore, earning 45k per month, Smartha Kota Brahmin, Angeerasa gothra, Poorvashada pada 2, 1992 born, height: 5.4, Native of Shimoga, seeking well educated groom from Brahmin community.

› Ms Vinutha (name changed), CA CS inter, Height: 5.2, 1993 born, horoscope available for matching. Expecting strict Horoscope match first. Seeking suitable well qualified grooms from brahmin community.

› Ms Lavanya (name changed), Senior Auditor in a Pvt Co in Bangalore, drawing 4.5L Per Annum, Smartha Mulakanadu, Kashyapa gothra, Hasta 3rd Pada, height: 5.5, 1989 born, speaks English, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi, Slim, medium complexion, friendly & religious, B.Sc Computer, M.B.A in Finance from Bangalore, native of JP Nagar, Bangalore.

› Ms Dwithi (name changed), M.Sc, Lecturer at University in Bengaluru, Smartha community brahmin, Vasishta gothra, Mrugashira- 3 nakshatra, 1992 born, Seeking suitable groom from brahmin community.

› Ms Kalyani (name changed), CA, B.Com graduate, Working for CA firm, Smartha brahmin community, Kashyapa Gothra, Uttarabhadra nakshatra, Meena Raashi, height 5.5, Sep93 born, native of Jayanagar, Bangalore. Seeking well qualified and settled groom from Smartha brahmin community.

› Ms Srikala (name changed), M.Com, Mulakanadu brahmin, Bharadwaja Gothra, Revathi first Pada, Meena Raashi, Feb 1993 born, Height: 5.1, Native of Gangavati, Karnataka, Seeking suitable and well qualified groom from Brahmin Community.

› Ms Hamsini (name changed), M.Com Graduate, Pursuing CA, Works a Auditors firm in Bangalore,  Height 5.6, Dec 93 born, Bharadwaja Gothra, Anuradha Nakshatra,vrushchika raashi, Shri vaishnava thenkali tradition, native of chikballapura. Seeking well qualified working groom.

› Ms Dharini (name changed), CA, working as an Audit manager in bangalore, Madhwa community, Bharadwaja Gothra, Pushyami, pada-1, Nov 1992 born, Height: 5.1, Seeking suitable well qualified groom from Brahmin Community.

› Ms Savitha (name changed), 2nd marriage / divorced, M.Sc post graduate, Vishwamitra Gothra, Mar 1990 born, Seeking suitable groom from brahmin community.

› Bmg496, Education : MS Arch Health, Company : working for a healthcare organization, Guru Mutt : UTTARADI, Caste : Madhwa, Native Birth Place : hyderabad, Born : Jun-1993, Gothra : Vishwamitra, Nakshathra : Shravana-4, Raashi : Makara, Height : 5.2 Ft., Mother Tongue : Kannada, Present Staying in : Abroad, Expectations : MS Phd working in usa,

› Ms Radika (name changed), M.Com and Working for a company in Shimoga, June91 born, 5.4, Kashyapa Gothra, Punaravasu nakshtra, Seeking suitable and qualified groom from brahmin community.

› Ms Anitha (name changed), M.Sc qualified, Shivalli south canara  brahmin, fair good looking, June 1991 born, 5.5, Moola nakshtra2, Dhanu raashi, currenly not working, Seeking qualified suitable groom from Brahmin community and preferably from south canara.

› Bmg486, Education : Post Graduation, MSC, Company : IT Ltd, Guru Mutt : VYASARAJ, Caste : Madhwa, Native/Birth Place : BLORE/BLORE, Born : Sep-1994, Gothra : Shaunaka, Nakshathra : Vishakha-1, Raashi : Tula, Height : 5.4 Ft., Mother Tongue : Kannada, Present Stay : BLORE, Expectations : BE ME MBA CA

› Bmg482, Education: Post Graduation, Additional Info: M.COM, Company: IT MNC, Annual Salary: 2 Lakhs, Guru Mutt: RAYARA, Caste: Madhwa, Native / Birth Place: BLORE/ BELLARY, Born: Nov-1993, Gothra: Bhardwaj, Nakshathra: Krithika-1, Raashi: Mesha, Height: 5.2 Ft., Mother Tongue: Kannada, Present Stay: Bengaluru, Expectations:  BE OR ABOVE

› bmg479, Education : Post Graduation, BCA MBA MARKETING, Company : IT co, Born : Apr-1991, Height : 5 Fts, Madhwa brahmin, Gothra : Vishwamitra, Nakshathra: Uttarashada-3, Raashi : Makara, Guru Mutt: SRI PADARAJA, Native/Birth Place : Goa, Mother Tongue: Kannada,  presently in bengaluru, Expectations : should be madhwa brahmin and well qualified

› Bmg487, Education : Post Graduation, BCA MCA, Company : IT Co, Guru Mutt : UTTARADI, Caste : Madhwa, Native/Birth Place : BAGALKOTA / BLORE, Born : Feb-1993, Gothra : Sri Vatsa, Nakshathra : Vishakha-3, Raashi : Tula, Height : 5.2 Ft., Mother Tongue : Kannada, Present Stay : BLORE, Expectations : BE MTECH MS

› Bmg501, Education : M.COM, Company : -, Designation : -, Annual Salary : 0 Lakhs, Guru Mutt : UTTARADI, Caste : Madhwa, Native / Birth Place : BELLARY/  BELLARY, Born : Dec-1993, Gothra : Kashyapa, Nakshathra : Ashwini-2, Raashi : Mesha, Height : 5.4 Ft., Mother Tongue : Kannada, Present Stay : BELLARY, Expectations : WELL QUALIFIED

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Star signs and Gothra compatibilities for marriage

1. Gothra compatibilities
People of the same gotra (sagotra) are not allowed to marry!

2. Star / Nakshatra signs that are not good for marriages
A check of the stars and their suitability is more important than checking the marriage charts. It is highly advised not to proceed further if the stars are not compatible. The given information is only to have a first glance for the purpose of compatibility. A detailed check is absolutely necessary to arrive at a conclusion.

Aswini: Uttara 2,3,4, Hasta, Chitta 1,2, Jeysta, Moola, Satabhisham, Poorvabhadra

Bharani: Chitta, Dhanista, Mrugasira, Uttarabhadra, Hasta, Anuradha

Krutika 1: Swati, Visakha 4, Uttarashada, Sravanam, Revati, Rohini, Mrugasira 3,4

Krutika 2,3,4: Swati, Visakha 1,2,3; Poorvashada, Sravanam, Revati, Mrugasira 3,4

Rohini: Aslesha, Makha, Swati, Visakha, Moola, Krutika 1

Mrugasira 1,2: Bharani, Chitta, Poorvashada, Dhanista, Uttarabhadra, Moola, Krutika 1

Mrugasira 3,4: Bharani, Dhanista, Anuradha, Jeysta, Pushyami, Aslesha

Arudra: Jeysta, Moola, Aslesha, Satabhisham, Poorvabhadra, Punarvasu 4, Anuradha

Punarvasu 1,2,3: Jeysta, Moola, Aslesha, Satabhisham, Visakha 4

Punarvasu 4: Jeysta, Moola, Satabhisham, Poorvabhadra, Makha, Arudra, Dhanista 3,4

Pushyami: Dhanista, Poorvashada, Pubba, Chitta, Mrugasira, Satabhisham

Aslesha: Swati, Visakha, Poorvashada, Rohini, Mrugasira 3,4, Sravanam, Arudra, Satabhisham, Poorvabhadra, Revati

Makha: Swati, Revati, Uttarashada, Sravanam, Rohini, Aslesha, Uttara 2,3,4, Hasta

Pubba: Dhanista, Chitta, Uttarabhadra, Moola, Pushyami, Aslesha

Uttara 1: Dhanista, Satabhisham, Poorvabhadra, Moola, Hasta, Chitta, Punarvasu 4

Uttara 2,3,4: Jeysta, Moola, Dhanista, Satabhisham, Poorvabhadra, Aswini, Krutika 1, Chitta 3,4, Visakha

Chitta 1,2: Pubba, Anuradha, Poorvashada, Uttarabhadra, Pushyami, Bharani, Mrugasira, Aswini

Chitta 3,4: Poorvashada, Bharani, Pubba, Mrugasira, Pushyami, Uttara, Anuradha, Uttarabhadra, Revati, Poorvabhadra 4

Swati: Revati, Aslesha, Makha, Krutika, Rohini, Visakha 4

Visakha 1,2,3: Krutika 2,3,4; Rohini, Uttarabhadra, Revati, Mrugasira 1,2; Uttarashada, Poorvabhadra 4

Visakha 4: Aslesha, Swati, Uttarashada, Sravanam, Revati, Aswini, Bharani, Krutika 1, Rohini, Mrugasira 3,4; Arudra, Punarvasu 1,2,3

Anuradha: Poorvashada, Dhanista, Chitta, Bharani, Moola, Mrugasira 3,4; Arudra

Jeysta: Arudra, Punarvasu, Moola, Poorvabhadra, Hasta, Uttara, Aswini, Mrugasira 3,4

Moola: Uttara, Hasta, Aswini, Rohini, Mrugasira 1,2; Arudra, Punarvasu, Jeysta, Uttarashada, Sravanam, Poorvabhadra

Poorvashada: Chitta, Dhanista, Pushyami, Mrugasira 1,2; Arudra, Punarvasu, Jeysta, Uttarashada, Sravanam, Poorvabhadra

Uttarashada 1: Makha, Visakha, Swati, Aslesha, Krutika, Rohini

Uttarashada 2,3,4: Makha, Visakha, Swati, Aslesha, Krutika

Sravanam: Makha, Aswini, Moola, Poorvabhadra, Krutika, Aslesha

Dhanista 1,2: Anuradha, Pushyami, Uttarabhadra, Poorvashada, Bharani, Pubba, Chitta 1,2; Makha, Uttara

Dhanista3,4: Bharani, Pubba, Poorvashada, Anuradha, Pushyami, Uttarabhadra, Revati, Mrugasira3,4, Punarvasu 4, Uttara 2,3,4

Satabhisham: Uttara, Hasta, Revati, Pushyami, Aswini, Arudra, Punarasu

Poorvabhadra 1,2,3: Aslesha, Jeysta, Moola, Punarvasu, Uttara

Poorvabhadra 4: Uttara, Jeysta, Moola, Satabhisham, Aswini, Krutika 1, Chitta 3,4; Punarvasu 4, Uttara 2,3,4

Uttarabhadra: Pubba, Bharani, Chitta, Dhanista, Mrugasira, Satabhisham, Visakha 1,2,3

Revati: Krutika, Swati, Visakha, Aslesha, Makha, Satabhisham, Chitta 3,4; Dhanista 3,4




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