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bmk-bq156 (MX00059): We are looking for matching bride for brother, Qualification: ITI(Electrical and electronics), Working as a Supervisor with 8yrs +experience in JK tyre, Annual salary / income: 2,00,000, Working location: Mysore, own house, Oct 1982 born, Gothra: Kaushika, Chitha nakshatra, Tula Rashi, Height (ft): 5″4, good looking, handsome and fair, for more information contact us (sister) on Mob: 9901297092
bmk-bq155: We are looking for brahmin bride for our son, 1969 born, working as auditor for a private hospital in bengaluru. Expectation: Graduate bride (1st / 2nd without kid) from any brahmin community.
bmk-bq154: we are looking for brahmin bride for our son, 1972 born, unmarried first marriage, working in chamarajapete for private institute, staying in basavanagudi, bengaluru, 3 members at home (son, elder elder son, aged mother myself). Expectation & Offer : PUC/graduates) bride (1st / 2nd without kid) from brahmin community and also job assurance will be given in the same sons office.
bmk-bq153: we are looking for matching bride for our son, Qualification: M.A Sanskrit and Completed Rigveda (Samhita), Place of Work: Udupi Sri Krishna Temple (Veda Teacher), Father: Retired Priest, Mother:House wife, DOB:27nov1989, POB:Kumbakonam, TOB: 2.13 Pm (Monday), Star:Vishaakha, Rashi:Thula, Cast: Madhwa Brahmins, Gothra: Jamadagni vatsa, No of Siblings:2 Brothers (Unmarried), Contact: 8248514014, +91 93800 40493
MG00054: We seek matching bride for our son, Ashwini nakshatra, mesha rashi,.Kashyapa gothra native of Vitla Mangalore, Havyaka brahmin, Nov 1995 born, height:165cms, Diploma holder, working on his own business in agriculture machinery sales in Vitla, mangalore
MW00050: We seek alliance for our son, B.Sc Computers, Moola nakshatra – 2, dhanu raashi, Gautama gothra, native Tumkur, Smartha brahmin, dob: March 1985, birth time: 6.25am, height: 5.7, unmarried, working as a Data Analyst in Tumkur.
bmk-bq152(MV00027): We seek alliance for our son (contact parents – number given below), COMPUTER HARDWARE DIPLOMA, (JOC), OWN BUSINESS COMPUTER SALES AND SERVICES, HARDWARE AND NETWORKING in Bangalore, earning good income, location: SRINIVAS NAGAR, BANGALORE, 1985 born, KAASHYAPA gothra, MRIGASHEERA nakshatra, MITHUNA rashi, NUMBER OF BROTHERS: 1, NUMBER OF SISTERS: 1 ELDER (married), HEIGHT: 5.1, unmarried, Our expectations: Looking for working or non working bride from brahmin community, Contact us (parents) on 9632196485 (call /whatsAap).
Bmk-bq151:(featured) We seek alliance for our son (name: contact parents – number given below), BA qualified, OPD Incharge (Admin) in Ayurveda and Hospital Bangalore, Salary:20,000pm, 1988 born, Koushka gothra, Vrishabha Rashi, Kruthika – 4th Pada, Smartha Brahmin / Mulakanadu / Telugu, fair complexion, Height:5.6, native place: bangalore. For more information, contact parents on mob: 9886778902, 080-26731239, 9449858902.
bmk-bq150: We seek alliance for our son Mr Maski, B.Sc in Computers, Working for Software MNC Company with 7 years of experience in Bangalore, earning 8 lakhs per annum, native of Ballari, Smartha brahmin, dec 1985 born, Kashyapa gothra, Uttara 4th paada nakshatra, kanya rashi, height:5.5, Our Expectations: Looking for compatible and educated graduate (B.Sc / B.Com / Dipoma) bride from brahmin community.
bmk-bq149: We seek alliance for our son, Self employed, B.S.M Bangalore HO, Branch Office in Gulbarga, Proprietor of Joshi Associate kalaburgi, july 1991 born, birth place: Bidar, Karnataka, native place: Donnur Tq, Aland Dist, Kalaburgi, height: 5 ft, Gothra: haritasa,Jesta nakshatra, vruschika rashi, Properties: 3 plots, one own house in kalaburgi, Looking for matching bride from brahmin community.
bmk-bq148 (MJ00031): We seek alliance for our son, Diploma, Customer care centre executive @ Reliance Digital, height:5.3, Iyengar brahmin, Bhardwaj gothra, Punarvasu nakshatra, Mithuna rashi, Apr 1996 born, own house in bangalore, earning 2-3 lakh per annum, Our expectations: Suitable Bride from Iyengar brahmin community.
bmk-bq147: We seek alliance for our son, B.Sc (Computer Science), Working as “Senior Analyst in INDIA SOFTWARE GROUP, Bangalore, earning 6 lakhs per annum, june 1987 born, Koushika gothra (Smartha Brahmin), Uttarabadra / Meena, height:6ft, own house in basavanagudi and kanakapura, elder sister married, Our expectations: Suitable Bride (either working or non working) and height 5ft.3” & above.
bmk-bq146: We seek alliance for our son, BCA graduate working for a private company in Bangalore, settled in Bangalore, basically from mangalore, sep1989 born, Nakshatra: Purvashada, Rashi: Dhanur, Gothra: Kashyapasa, height: 6ft, Our expectations: Looking for matching bride from brahmin community.
bmk-bq145:  We seek alliance for our son Mr Srihari, Undegraduate (Pursuing Graduation from KSOU), 8 Years experience as data entry operator in bangalore, Height (ft): 5.9″, Aug 1984 born, Kaushika gothra, Hastha 1st pada, Kanya rashi, native of Bengaluru, mother tongue: kannada, Vadagalai Iyengar brahmins , Associated with Parakal Mutt. Our expectations: Bride below graduation (SSLC, PUC, Diploma) are eligible. Preferably working girl (not mandatory).
bmk-bq144:  We seek alliance for our son Mr Aditya somayaji, B.A in sanskrit, working as a Purohit (Self />employed), own 2 acres of Areca nut farm,  earning around 30k per month altogether,  1997 born
bmk-bq143:  We seek alliance for our son Mr Gururaj, Bachelor of computer application, working for welfare association (FDA) in Bengaluru, May 1992 born, Smartha Brahmin, Vasishta gothra, vrishchika rashi, Expectations: Looking for matching bride from good family. .
bmk-bq142: Inviting marriage proposal for Mr Sudharshan, B.Sc Working for a construction company as administrator in Hebbala area (5+ years experience), bengaluru, earning 40K salary per month, native of Tumkur, had 5 years Construction work experience in Dubai, dec 1983 born, Smartha, Hoysala karnataka brahmin, Vishwamithra gothra, Mrugasira nakshatra -1st paada, Vrishabha rashi, Height: 5.2, 
bmk-bq141: Inviting marriage proposal for Mr Sunil, Diploma in OT technician, Working at hospital in Tumkur, Native of Nelamangala, Brahmin(smartha, ulchakamme), Jan 1992 born Haritas gothra, Bharani nakshatra, Mesha rashi. Expectation: Matching bride from brahmin community. For more information, .
bmk-bq140: Inviting marriage proposal for Mr Santhosh, Profession : purohith, Date of birth: Oct 1988 born, Lives in Bangalore, Native of magadi,  Annual income 4 to 6 lakh, nuclear family, Looking for matching bride from brahmin community.  
bmk-bq139: Inviting marriage proposal for Mr Sridharacharya, Pandit at Jayatheerta  vidya peeta, Vashishta Gothra, Jeshata -4 Nakshatra, dob: Dec 1990 born-5:15pm, Height:5.3, Native of Dharwad, located in bangalore,
bmk-bq138: Inviting marriage proposal for Mr Ramprakash, Diploma graduate, working  at Construction company as Assistant Manager, Mar 1979 born, height: 5.9, Hoysala Karnataka Smartha (Brahmin), Haritasa gothra, Chitta nakshatra, Kanya rashi, native of Kanakapura,
bmk-bq137: Inviting marriage proposal for Mr Bharadwaj, B.Com graduate, working as senior operations at private organization in bangalore, earing 4L per year, height: 5.8, Mar 1993 born, smartha mulakanadu brahmin, bharadwaja gothra, Krithik nakshatra paada 2, Vrushabha raashi, native of bengaluru, mother tongue: kannada, Expectation: Matching bride (B.Com/ B.Sc/ Diploma/ TCH).
bmk-bq136: Inviting marriage proposal for Mr Raghavendra, Diploma (CS), working as senior officer in bangalore, Sep 1980 born, vaadrayashva gothra, Punaravasu nakshatra, Mithuna rashi, Height: 5.2.
bmk-bq135: Mr Pradmod, B.A graduate, Own business as lab equipment dealer in mysore, 2 own house in mysore, Nov 1998 born, height: 5.8, Smartha hoysala karnataka, Bharadwaja Gothra, Pubba nakshtra, simha rashi. Looking for matching bride from brahmin community.
bmk-bq134: Mr Shriknath, B.Com graduate, Occupation: agriculturist (4 acre Agri land and house), Aug 1995 born,  Karada brahmin, Shrivatsa gothra, Poorvabadhrapada nakshatra, Kumaba rashi, height:5.7,  native of Kadaba, marital status: unmarried,  Our expectations: Looking for matching bride from brahmin community (we accept both karnataka / Kerala Profiles). 
bmk-bq133: B.Com, 10 years of experience as analyst at IT Software MNC, bangalore, 10 laksh per annum, Height: 6ft, 1987 born, Koundinyasa gothra, Moola pada1, Dhanassu, native of bangalore, Smartha shankar mutt. Looking for matching bride(B Com, B Sc, or software professional background) from brahmin community.
bmk-b132, working for MNC Hospital as a BDM(Business Development Manager) , 1988 born, Heigth: 5.3, Smartha badagunadu community, Vishaka nakshatra, Thual rashi, Having own house and one property given out for rent. Looking for matching bride from brahmin community.
bmk-b131, Dipoma in Graphics and Web design and development, working as a co-founder for a Private software company in Mandya, 1986 born, madavya gothra, Uttara Nakshathra, Kanya Rashi, Madhwa brahmin, Shukla yajurveda, height: 5.10, Looking for matching bride from brahmin community.
bmk-b128, Diploma in E & C, working for Indian Govt institute in Mumbai, Bharadwaja gothra, 1991 born, height: 5.9, native of Tumkur, Looking for matching bride from brahmin community.
bmk-b119, Diploma in E&C; E, Senior testing engineer working in bangalore, earning  2.1 lakhs per annum, Smartha brahmin, 1989 born, Koundinya gothra, Revathi – pada 2, Meena rashi, native of Bangalore, mother tongue: kannada, never married, height: 5.5. Looking for matching bride from brahmin community.
bmk-b118, Diploma in computer science & Eng, working as a senior engineer for software company in santekatte, udupi, Karnataka, Deputed to customer location (Dubai) for 3 years (2018 to 2021 Jan),  July 1990 born, Kashyapa gothra, Shivalli Brahmin, makha nakshatra, Simha rashi, height: 5.8, Siblings: 2 elder brother.  Looking for matching bride from brahmin community.
bmk-b117, Diploma in Automobile Engineering, working as a fitness consultant in bangalore, earning 10 lakhs per annum, Nov 1988 born, height: 5.11, Bharadhwaja gothra, Moola nakshatra 4th paada, native of
Bangalore (Uttarahalli). Looking for matching bride from brahmin community.
bmk-b116, B.Com graduate, working for software MNC co in bangalore, earling 5 lakhs per annum, 1989 born, Madhwa community, Vishwamithra Gothra, Vishaka 2nd pada, tula rashi, Height: 5.7, Looking for matching bride from brahmin community.
bmb307, B.Com, Own business, Jan 1990 born (time: 10:10 am), Moudgalysaa gothra, purvashada -2nd pada, Dhanur rashi, height: 5.9, Smartha Hoysala Karnataka, Mother tongue: kannada, Lives in Bangalore, Looking suitable bride from brahmin community
Bmb304, B.Sc, Sr Lab Technologist, salary 35,000 per month, working for Hospital, govt job, 1988 born, Height: 5.8, Kashyapa gothra, Looking for educated bride from brahmin community.
Bmb303, BBM & MBA, Own business, earning approximately 14 lakhs per annum, Smartha brahmin, Shandalasya gotra, Uttarabhadrapada and 4th pada, Meena rashi, Bangalore born, mother tongue: Kannada, height: 5.10, never married
Bmb302, Iyengar brahmin, Degree in Animation, working for Reputed kannada News TV channel, May 1989 born, Vishaka nakshatra, Vrischika rashi, vathula gothra, Height 5.1 ft, Expectation:Looking for Diploma / Degree bride from Iyengar / Hebbar iyengar / Iyer community
Bmb300, BCA, Working IT Pvt Co in bangalore, annual income of 3.5lakhs, Smarta  brahmin, 1992 born, Srivatsa gothra, Ardra nakshatra, Mithuna raashi, Mother tongue: kannada and telugu, native of bangalore, Height: 6 feet, Looking for educated, understanding, simple nature bride from brahmin community
Bmb298, diploma in computer science, working for Govt company in bangalore, Annual income of 4 lakhs, Smartha brahmin, Sep 1989 born, vishwamitra gothra, Punarvasu nakshatra, Karkataka raashi, native of Bangalore, mother tongue: kannada, height: 5.7, never married, Expectation: Looking for educated & working bride in Bangalore.
Bmb296, M.Sc, B.Ed, working as assistant master in private high school in Tumkur for Physics, Maths. Annual income of 4.5 lakhs, own house in tumkur, smartha Mulakandu brahmin, 1980 born,  Athreyasa gothra, dhanishta – pada 2, 1980 born, Height: 5.7, mother tongue /languages known: kannada, Telugu, English, Sanskrit.
Bmb293, Working as a area manager for a Pvt Co in Bangalore , Qualification: Diploma (after SSLC)  in film direction (not working for film industry, did my diploma in film direction), Annual income: 3.72 Lakhs, Madhwa brahmin, 1988 born, Haritasa gothra, uttarashada-4, Makara raashi, Native of Mulbagal, Mother tongue: kannada, Height: 5.11, Never married, Looking for educated bride from brahmin community.
Bmb292, Diploma in Electronics and communications, Managing own enterprise own business in hyderbad, annual income of 10 Lakhs, Smartha- Mulkanadu brahmin, Koundinya gothra, Ashlesha 2nd paada, Karkataka raashi, native of bellary, mother tongue: Telugu, dec 1979 born, height 5.9 (180cm), Never married, Religious with clean habits, simple living and simple approach to life, Self-employed with technical background in telecom industry. Managing and running own enterprise. Enterprise is into manufacturing of advertising Inflatables, have previously worked for MNC companies before starting on my own. Requirement: Looking for a life partner with similar approach and interest.
Bmb289,  B.Com graduate, working for IT PVT co in bangalore, earning 4.2 L per annum, Smartha brahmin, Shrivatsa gothra, Swati 4th Paada nakshtara, tula raashi, native of bangalore, mother tongue: telugu, Oct 1988 born, height: 5.9, never married. Looking working (graduate/ non graduate) bride from brahmin community.
Bmb288, B.Com graduate, Working for reputed IT MNC Co (supply chain division) as subject matter expert in bangalore, July 1985 born, Srivaishnava brahmin, height: 5.6, Salary: 4 lakhs per Annum Kashyapa Gothra, Vishaka Nakshatra, native of Bangalore, Looking well educated bride from brahmin community.
bmb286 (Groom), Qualification: BAL, LI.M(civil / Judge), working in Pavagada (Tumkur), Salary: 10L per Annum, Marital status: Divorcee, Gothra: jamadagni, Nakshatra : Makha-2, Raashi: Simha, date of birth: Mar 1988, birth place: chennai, settled in Belgavi and having own house in belgavi, Height: 5.4, expectation: Graduate Non working bride from brahmin community.


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